A therapist who looks beyond your symptoms, guiding you to uncover the real reasons behind your struggles.


I’m Leanne Astbury, a psychotherapist dedicated to guiding you beyond symptom management to uncover and address the real reasons behind your challenges.

Drawing from my personal experiences and years of helping others, I’ve come to understand that issues like anxiety, depression, perfectionism, overthinking, worry, and stress are not the real problems—they’re just symptoms. To achieve lasting results, we must focus on addressing the root causes, not just treating these symptoms.

As a therapist, my priority is to support individuals in recognising and tackling the root causes of their challenges, for life changing outcomes.

The things I can support you with:

– Feelings of anxiety, stress, and low mood

– Feelings of worthlessness

– Self-doubt and not feeling good enough

– Setting excessively high standards that leave you feeling exhausted and self-critical

– Overthinking and worrying about how others perceive you

– People-pleasing behaviours at the expense of your own well-being

– Setting healthy boundaries for yourself

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I provide a completely free phone consultation to discuss your needs. 

I offer mental health support that’s accessible regardless of your budget, with self-help options as well as one to one sessions, in person or online.

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