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You know a life without anxiety is possible, but you have no idea how to get there. 


You know you can’t let worry control you forever, but you feel stuck, overwhelmed and frightened about how to free yourself from this vicious cycle. 


Does this sound like you?


Picture how different your life, relationships and work could be if you were empowered to kick anxiety out for good.


What would it feel like to be able to switch off negative thoughts and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep?


Imagine if you could be rid of constant struggles and pressure by learning simple, life-changing techniques.


How would it feel to feel “good enough” for the first time in your life?

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Introducing the CBT Hub…

The online CBT learning centre and community that will finally help you be free of anxiety and worry, with no long waiting lists or expensive therapy sessions. 

“The Hub has given me the tools to become the person I'm truly meant to be, and to live a happier, more balanced life” (Catherine, Hub member)

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What is CBT? 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a series of techniques that, when implemented under the right instruction, can help you manage your own problems by altering the way you think and act. CBT is highly effective for issues like anxiety, using tried and trusted methods to improve your self-worth – and consequently your mood, energy, physical wellbeing and life.


CBT works as an alternative or supplement to traditional medicine. It’s used by the NHS and recommended by the World Health Organisation, with research showing that CBT is as effective as anti-depressant medication for treating depression, for example.


Traditionally, therapy takes you back to your past to identify the roots of your problems in the present. CBT looks at the here and now, focusing on the overwhelming problems you’re dealing with and breaking them down into something more manageable. It uses practical methods to effectively reprogramme counterproductive mindsets, eliminate negative thought cycles and boost your mood.


The CBT Hub offers an innovative online support system which teaches you the ins and outs of CBT, providing resources, videos and exercises each month which will give you the techniques to make positive change happen in your life.


There are no uncomfortable group sessions and no appointments to attend. You can access the Hub from the comfort of home at any time that suits you, and dip in and out or re-watch videos whenever you need to.



Get clear on why you are thinking, behaving and feeling as you are

(There is always a reason!)



Understand the importance of your thoughts and how to break free from unhelpful thinking patterns



Know the link between your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Change the cycle...change your life!

Physical Symptoms

Learn some new relaxation and breathing exercises to support you on your journey.



Identify which behaviours are keeping you stuck in this negative cycle and develop the skills needed to create positive behavioural change in your life


“The CBT Hub has changed mine and my family’s life"​ (Angela, Hub member)

 After just two weeks as a TRIAL member of the CBT Hub, you’ll understand more about your feelings and what’s causing you to feel the way you do.

If you decide to join us to complete the full programme , you’ll be well on your way to a life free of anxiety, with an in-depth understanding of CBT and the skills and tools you need to create life-altering transformations.

The 14 day £1 trial


  • Receive a log in via email once you have joined

  • Have access to the CBT Hub for 14 days as often as required

  • Cancelling is made EASY, you just email me the word 'cancel' within the 14 days and no questions will be asked

  • After the 14 days, if you wish to continue your journey, you don't need to anything, as it will automatically make you a member 

  • You can cancel your membership at anytime, there is no contract, we want to make the whole experience free from stress

  • If you decide not to at least leave the CBT Hub with your wins from the trial!


For just £1 you will get access to resources, videos and exercises which will get you well on your way to a life free from your current struggles. 

If you decide to 


after the trial period

You can join the CBT Hub for £25 per month (paying monthly, cancel anytime), or £250 for a full year (the equivalent of getting two months free!).  

It’s easy to blow £25 on a nice takeaway each month, so why not spend that money on a treat for your mind instead? Look at all the benefits you’ll enjoy when you become a member of the CBT Hub:

  • Instant access to in-depth teaching videos – anytime and on demand

  • Professional support and advice

  • Downloadable content

  • Exercises with proven effectiveness in the treatment of Anxiety

  • An exclusive online community

  • Audio relaxations

  • Live sessions with other mental health professionals 

  • …And so much more!

The value of the information, support and teaching you’ll receive is priceless, especially when you consider that in-person CBT sessions can run into hundreds of pounds, and you’ll usually need more than one session. The driving force behind the development of the CBT Hub was to make this effective therapy more accessible and affordable, so it’s priced to give you great value with plenty of learning opportunities and exercises to take what you’ll learn into the real world. You’re worth it!


If you feel ready to invest in yourself after the trial and live a life free of anxiety and worry, this will all be available to you.  


You will automatically be made a member after the 14 day period (unless cancelled) so that you can continue your journey and complete the programme  



I’m Leanne Astbury, your personal Cognitive Behavioural Therapist. 


I can’t wait to support you in the CBT Hub and teach you the tools you need to be free of anxiety forever.


Not long ago, I was trapped in a relentless spiral of fear and anxiety, which stemmed from my difficult childhood. Just like you, I was struggling with negativity, feeling desperate for happiness and a healthier state of mind. Exhausted by panic attacks and strung out by my own thoughts, I decided to take control and learn about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I discovered that CBT helps you understand how your thoughts and emotions develop. Once you know this, you can decode your own behaviour and use CBT tools to help break the endless cycle of self-destructive negativity. 


It all made perfect sense to me and, because using CBT techniques helped transform my life, I decided to train as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist to inspire other people to change theirs. 


In my everyday therapy practice, I soon discovered that many people couldn’t access this effective therapy due to high costs and long waiting lists. Wanting to support as many people as possible, I founded the CBT Hub as an interactive support system, in order to empower others to take control of their own mental health in a cost-effective and convenient way. 


“The Hub has been priceless to me” (Lynne, Hub member)


Take the leap to make a difference to your life. Join the CBT Hub today.

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When you’re struggling to bear the constant pressures of life, family and work, it can be hard to see a way out. And it’s even harder to put yourself first. But you matter.


Don’t waste another day by filling your waking hours with worry and anxiety. Don’t wait another minute to regain control over your mental health and enjoy the freedom, clarity and happiness that CBT can help deliver. 

Sign up to the CBT Hub trial now and begin to break out of the unhelpful patterns that are holding you back. 

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(Shona, Hub member)

“Since joining the CBT Hub, I no longer have IBS” (Angela, Hub member)

Take the first step on the journey towards the rest of your life by signing up to CBT Hub trial now.

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