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Tap into the true potential of CBT Techniques, and say goodbye to Anxiety!

Let me ask you something

  • Are you stuck in your life –  experiencing constant pressure from never feeling good enough?

  • Are you feeling fearful, frustrated or too worried to focus on yourself?

  • Are you trapped into a sea of negative thoughts and don’t know how to say goodbye to these dreadful feelings?

  • Is it too difficult to reach your goals with stress and anxiety weighing you down?

  • Do you notice patterns of consistent unhelpful behaviour that you are willing to change but have no idea where to start?

  • Would you like to stop the endless ebb and flow of an ongoing struggle with low self-worth, self-esteem and confidence?.

Anxiety is detrimental to your life. It pushes you back from achieving all your goals.


The constant pressure you are under on a daily basis is difficult to manage, from external stressors such as your professional life and family, to the pressures that you put on yourself. You are likely barraged at a near-constant rate. Anxiety, fear and worry consume you!

I know. Private therapy is a valuable resource, however it is not for everyone. It’s expensive, waitlists can be long and the commitment can feel overwhelming.

Through the CBT Coaching Hub, I strive to provide an interactive support system that is accessible to everyone. This programme is an affordable alternative to traditional therapy, making it easier for you to deal with your challenges effectively.


The CBT Hub will help to reprogramme counterproductive mindsets, inspire change and support you throughout your transition into better mental health. This programme will educate you about anxiety, so you can say goodbye to all those negative thoughts & feelings. By tapping into the inner working of your brain operates, you will be able to supercharge your mental health and feel free to enjoy life once again.

Make A Smart Move Today!


The CBT Coaching Hub is a safe, interactive space for those seeking therapy without the high premiums. You can pay for a full 12 months of access to the exercises and techniques in this programme or pay month to month. 

After you use the programme, you will experience life-changing improvements to your mental health such as: control over your thoughts, a newfound sense of motivation, increased self-worth, self-esteem and confidence in yourself and your abilities, freedom in your life, and an all-around better mood.

Online Platform: Get access to an online platform with your personal dashboard so that you can manage everything with ease. No more feeling anxious when it comes to joining a community.

Live Q & A (optional): Feel free to join our facebook page for live Q and A with me.

Intuitive Learning: The video modules explain each and every step and you also get access to downloadable resources.

Get Started Today!

What You Will Learn In The CBT Hub Online:

There are 25 modules to support you on your journey. Some of these include -

MODULE: What is CBT?

What Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is and the formulations we use in CBT to explain how problems develop.

MODULE: Understanding Thoughts

You will learn some techniques to help you to start to challenge your negative thoughts allowing you to start to replace them with more rational and helpful thoughts.


MODULE: Pillars of Health

Additional ways to improve your physical and mental health with advice from a personal trainer.


MODULE: Relaxation Audios & Exercises

Relaxation audios and exercises to help you to relax, develop a positive mindset and replace beliefs.



Understand sleep difficulties and some techniques to improve sleep

MODULE: Anxiety

You will learn what Anxiety is and how we treat Anxiety using CBT


MODULE: Understanding Worry

You will understand more about worry and gain some techniques to prevent worry

MODULE:  Stress

How to recognise stressors and remove stress from your life

MODULE:  Self-Compassion

The importance of self-compassion and how to build on your own


MODULE:  Assertiveness

The importance of being ASSERTIVE in your communication with others and how to develop the skill of assertiveness 


MODULE:  Self-Worth, Self-esteem & Self-confidence


The difference between self-worth, Self-esteem and self-confidence and which one is the foundation of it all.

And a few added extras!

You will leave the Hub with all the tools required to create positive change in your life!!!



I’ll be jumping into the Facebook community each month to host Q&A sessions where you can ask me anything!

The best part about the Facebook community is you will create epic relationships with other likeminded people who are on the same journey as you so you can share ideas and truly feel the power of community.

That’s right: you’ll never feel alone again!

How Does it Work?

Start Anytime

The CBT HUB is an online self-study course which means you can start at any time and learn at your own pace.

12 Month Access

Once you sign up to the CBT Hub you become a member for up to 12 months! This means you under no pressure to rush through the modules.

Unlimited Replays

You can watch each video as many times as you need to. There’s no limit on how many times you come back to each module.

Downloadable Worksheets

Each module comes with downloadable worksheets or workbooks which will prompt you through each step of your journey.

Excellent Customer Service

No matter the problem, you can always contact us via email at

What do our members say & how does it work?

The hub has changed mine and my family's life for the better.  Since joining the HUB, I have reduced my medication and no longer have IBS  I tell people all the time about the hub. I tell them it changed my life and that things can get better you just need to put the hard work in. 


The Hub has given me the tools to help me to become the person I'm truly meant to and to live a happier more balanced life.


My anxiety levels are way lower and now I know I’m in control of what I think and focus on.  The Hub helped me get my life back!


The HUB has helped me to realise that I do actually have a life worth living, a life that can be free of the anxiety that has kept me chained since I was a child.  It has shown me that I can be anxiety free and live the life I want.


The HUB has given me Hope Strength and Self Worth. The hub has brought so many things to my life that I will continue to use throughout my life now. Feeling for the first time in years a little bit more aware and in control with a lot of work of my thoughts and behaviour and believing in myself when I thought no one else did.


 I now focus more on the positives and have days anxiety free. This allows me to live more in the present moment and enjoy it. The best thing for me so far was when my husband said he noticed an improvement in me, although I was starting to feel better having someone else notice was a great feeling.


Have questions?

Ready to commit?

Are you ready to learn the skills needed to take back control?

Are you ready to start putting your own needs first?

And most importantly, are you ready to enjoy your life again?


 Monthly payment plan at just £35 per month (No contract) 

Get the full 12 month Hub for only £350 (2 months free)


New content becomes available at the start of each new month.


Progress starts with a single step. Take yours today 

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