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What People Say

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Sian Docksey
(CBT Therapy)

Leanne has completely changed my life - through her understanding, time and education. I now not only have control back in my life but actually know how my own mind works. The learning was so interesting and Leanne never hastened and was always happy to answer my questions. Having struggled for a very long time, within 6 months I have become a refreshed version of myself that I could never have imagined from what I believed had been normal. I cannot recommend enough!

Lydia Colton
(CBT Therapy)

I can't even begin to explain how much seeing Leanne has changed my life and mindset. I've gone from some really negative thinking to feeling positive and optimistic. Leanne is so friendly, compassionate and easy to talk to. I'd 100% recommend seeing Leanne to anyone who is struggling to cope or going through a tough time and wants to enjoy life and be happy :

Christian Bowker
(CBT Coaching)

Leanne has brought me from a place of unimaginable despair to a place where I can see a positive future.
The way I now look at my life and the new tools I have to deal with life's problems, mean that my future is mine. No longer do I let events take hold of me, it's me who is in control of me.
Her compassion, understanding and friendly nature meant I felt assured from the first session.
I can not recommend Leanne highly enough. Thank you.

Robert Rhead
(CBT Coaching)

It might possibly sound a little clichéd to say my experience with Leanne was life changing, but I really have no other way of describing it.

(CBT Programme)

I am so glad I found the courage to join the Hub, The help and support is amazing. People are noticing a difference in me, which is a great feeling!

(CBT Programme)

I am so much better. I have reduced my medication, I can sleep in, in the mornings and I no longer have IBS, which has made a huge difference to me!