The relationship that we have with ourselves, is the most important relationship we will ever have.

Why?....Because we are the only person whom is responsible for our own happiness and the only person that can choose which direction our life goes in.

Having low self-esteem can affect people in so many different ways, but the one thing that everyone with low self-esteem has in common, is that they are living in fear!…..

Fear of what people think  

Fear of rejection

Fear of not being liked

Fear of failure

Fear of making the wrong decisions

Fear of not being good enough

Fear of letting people down…….

And then this Fear leads to Anxiety, Worry & Self-doubt

Do you lack self-esteem and want to finally learn how to overcome it?

Do you want to start to live a life where you feel free from doubt and worry?

Do you want to feel good enough, so you no longer fear putting yourself out there?

Do you want to learn to love that person you see in the mirror?


Well I share my knowledge and the proven CBT techniques, which will help you to achieve this

If you can relate to any ONE of these, then this workshop is for you!

  • Feelings of unworthiness

  • Feeling unlovable

  • Not feeling good enough

  • Fear of making mistakes

  • Doubting your abilities

  • Putting other people's needs before your own, leaving you feeling frustrated

  • Self-criticism/Self hatred

  • Worrying about being able to do things

  • Avoidance due to fear of failure

  • Finding it difficult to say how you feel

  • Worrying what others think about you

  • Finding relationships difficult

  • Allowing people to treat you badly

  • Feeling stuck or helpless

  • People pleasing or struggling to say no


If this is you then this workshop is for you!

‘How to overcome low self-esteem workshop’

Here is what the workshop will cover:

Session 1

What is self-esteem?

The impact that low self-esteem & low self-worth have on our mental health

I also introduce you to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and explain how we can find ourselves stuck in unhelpful cycles with anxiety, worry & our thoughts

Session 4

Combat self –criticism

I explain about the impact of self-criticism on our mental health and introduce you to self-compassion (the opposite of self-criticism)


I provide you with the tools to start to change the way you speak to yourself!

Session 2

How low self-esteem develops - explained using CBT evidence based research

I explain how low self-esteem develops and provide you with the tools to identify your own origin. 


Plus how CBT will help to build self-esteem

Session 5

Enhance self-acceptance & removing safety behaviours

I explain how to start to recognise your good qualities, strengths and talents and provide the tools to use.

I explain how to remove safety behaviours linked to low self-esteem.....because they have to go!

Session 3

Understanding negative thoughts linked to low self-esteem and what to do about them

I explain about negative thoughts and provide you with some effective tools to start to take back control

Session 6

Bringing it all together and master your future

I explain how to start using gratitude to increase happiness and peace in your life

I explain how to start journaling to improve your relationship with yourself and manage everyday challenges

I explain how to identify and live to your own values so you can experience more joy in your life

By now you are ready to set life changing goals for the future!


In addition to the workshop you will receive:


A workbook that you will work through during the workshop with all the tools you need

A self-esteem meditation to listen to

Lifetime access to the workshop 


Once signed up you will receive a link via email that will give you access to the 6 sessions and your downloadable workbook. 

And the best part is that you get all of this for just


This is a pre-recorded workshop

Do you want to transform your life today?!!


Start to live life on your terms today!