Introducing Your FREE Self-Worth Assessment Tool

Have you ever experienced moments of anxiety, perfectionism, low mood, stress, or persistent worry?

Did you know that?

Anxiety is a symptom?

Depression is a symptom?

Perfectionism is a symptom?

Stress is a symptom

Worry/Overthinking is a symptom?

These are all often the symptoms we fixate on, believing them to be the primary issue.

But…through years of personal struggle and my professional journey assisting countless clients, I’ve come to a profound realisation: at the core of many of these challenges lies a fundamental issue of self-worth.

That’s why I’ve developed this tool. 

I want to shift the focus and help you understand that these symptoms might be mere manifestations of a deeper issue: your sense of self-worth. This assessment is designed to uncover if self-worth is playing a role in your struggles.

This tool comprises 30 questions crafted to prompt deep reflection. It’s based on my personal journey and professional experience, aimed at helping you identify if self-worth could be a contributing factor to your challenges.

It’s completely free to access and download. Simply provide your email address, and you’ll receive an email with the questionnaire attached.

 I’m sharing this tool with anyone who might be experiencing similar challenges and seeks clarity on their self-worth’s impact.

 Click the link below to access your FREE Self-Worth Assessment Tool