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If you’re seeking personalised support, I offer the option of one-on-one sessions, either in person or online, tailored to meet your specific needs.

If you’re seeking personalised support, I offer the option of one-on-one sessions, either in person or online, tailored to meet your specific needs. When you choose this individualised support, we’ll begin by assessing the difficulties you’re currently facing. Based on this assessment, we’ll work together to establish therapy goals and create a personalised treatment plan. By collaborating on this plan, we’ll navigate the journey together, helping you achieve the outcomes you desire. To help you determine if I’m the right fit for your needs, I provide a complimentary phone consultation.


Therapist & Coach

I’m a therapist and coach dedicated to helping adults enhance their self-worth and self-esteem to alleviate symptoms of Anxiety, Perfectionism, Worry and Depression. Building self-worth and self-esteem is crucial for our mental well-being, as it allows us to feel deserving and valuable, regardless of our perceived shortcomings.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

These behaviours stem from a negative self-image and can leave you feeling exhausted, anxious, angry, or depressed.

I’m here to support you by providing valuable insights into why this happens and empowering you with effective strategies to regain control. Through this process, you can reduce your symptoms and cultivate a healthier, happier life. If this resonates with your current situation, I’m here to assist you.

I’m incredibly passionate about educating and supporting my clients, facilitating long-lasting, life-changing results. Together, we can overcome challenges and achieve positive transformations.

Here are some of the areas I can help you with:

Overcoming feelings of unworthiness and being unlovable

Many individuals struggle with deep-seated feelings of unworthiness and a fear of not being lovable. These emotions can significantly impact self-esteem and relationships, making it crucial to address them.

Addressing the persistent feeling of not being good enough

Many people constantly strive for perfection, feeling like they are never good enough. This mindset can lead to chronic dissatisfaction and hinder personal growth. Recognising this is essential to overcome it.

Remove the relentless high standards you set for yourself

Setting high standards can be motivating, but when they become unrealistic and unattainable, they can cause immense stress and feelings of failure. Learning to set realistic expectations is important for personal well-being.

Letting go of the fear of making mistakes

The fear of making mistakes can hinder individuals from taking risks and confidently pursuing their goals. It often leads to procrastination or excessive time spent on tasks, causing undue stress and worry. However, it is crucial to adopt a new mindset that recognises mistakes as valuable stepping stones for growth and learning, rather than sources of shame or failure.

Getting comfortable in saying 'no' to people

Many individuals struggle with asserting their boundaries and saying ‘no’ to others, often leading to overcommitment and resentment. Developing the ability to say ‘no’ without guilt is crucial for maintaining personal well-being and healthy relationships.

Boosting confidence and self-belief

Low self-confidence can undermine one’s ability to achieve goals and hinder personal development. Working on building confidence and self-belief is important for unlocking one’s full potential.

Prioritising your needs without feeling guilty

It’s common for people to prioritise the needs of others before their own, often at the expense of their well-being. Learning to prioritise self-care and personal needs without guilt is essential for maintaining balance and overall happiness.

Replacing self-criticism and self-hatred with self-compassion

Many individuals engage in self-critical thoughts and harbor self-hatred, which can significantly impact mental health and self-esteem. Practicing self-compassion involves treating oneself with kindness and understanding, fostering inner growth and acceptance.

Managing worries

Excessive worry can cause a lot of unhappiness and stress in our lives. Learning strategies to manage and challenge these worries can help individuals move forward.

Overcoming avoidance behaviours

Avoidance behaviours can be a way of coping with discomfort or fear, but they often limit personal growth and perpetuate anxiety. Overcoming these behaviours is essential for achieving personal goals and embracing new opportunities.

Pursuing your dreams without the fear of failure

Fear of failure can hold individuals back from pursuing their dreams and taking risks. Overcoming this fear is crucial for personal fulfillment and growth.

Letting go of concerns about others' opinions and worrying about what other people think

Excessive concern about others’ opinions can lead to self-doubt and anxiety, which could result in people pleasing behaviours. Developing a sense of self-worth independent of external validation is important for personal growth and well-being.

Improving relationships

Relationship challenges, such as communication issues or conflicts, can cause significant distress. Working on improving relationships by developing effective communication skills and fostering understanding can lead to greater satisfaction and fulfillment.

Breaking free from feeling stuck or helpless

Feeling stuck or helpless can prevent individuals from making progress and finding fulfillment. Working on developing a growth mindset and taking proactive steps can help break free from these patterns and create positive change.

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So, how can I help you achieve these positive changes? By teaching you about the workings of the mind and helping you understand why you experience negativity towards yourself. Once we uncover the “why,” we can move forward to the “how” — finding effective solutions to overcome these challenges together. 

I hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Cognitive behavioural Therapy from the University of Salford (2017) and a BA Honours in Psychology and Sociology from Liverpool Hope University (2005).

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