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A FREE online experience where you will learn how to manage your happiness instead of your stress, anxiety and worry!


  • Stress is just something you have to manage?

  • Life is hard and you just have to get on with it?

  • You are a naturally anxious person?

  • A born warrior?

  • Or that thinking negatively is normal?

Do you believe that..

Do you feel like life is just one big struggle and being happy is a rare feeling for you, because the majority of the time you feel stressed, exhausted and under constant pressure to prove yourself to everyone else and therefore find your own needs to be at the bottom of your list of priorities?

  • Are you someone that tries to please others all of the time, even at a cost to yourself?

  • Do you put constant pressure on yourself to be the best at everything you do?

  • Do you struggle to ask for help, even though you need it at times?

  • Do you over prepare and over plan through fear of making a mistake?

  • Struggle to make a decision in case you make the wrong one?

  • Constantly worry about the opinions of others?

  • Never feel happy despite how much you do any of the above?

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This is for you if you can relate to any of these....


Well I am here to show you that this is not how things need to be and that there is a reason you feel and think this way.


This is a version of you that has been created through your experiences and I want to show you exactly what I mean in my upcoming FREE ‘Coaching to happiness’ experience.


During this FREE coaching experience I will share with you how I found peace of mind and happiness in my own life and exactly how I have helped hundreds of other people to do the same.

Can you relate to my story?.....

I didn’t even realise I had anxiety because of the behaviors I had in place which prevented me from experiencing the feelings of being anxious, so instead I felt stressed and exhausted. 

From the outside I looked like my life was going well, but on the inside I was falling apart…

  • I was a perfectionist and put constant pressure on myself to be the best at everything I did which was exhausting….little did I know at the time, but this was because I feared what people would think of me if I wasn’t ‘perfect’

  • I was a people pleasing person and would sacrifice my own needs to please others, leaving me feeling unimportant and unhappy……little did I know at the time, but this was because I was trying to prevent myself from feeling rejected or not being accepted.

  • I couldn’t make decisions and would seek reassurance from others to help me to decide…again because I feared making the wrong one and looing bad.

  • I would over prepare and overplan everything I did, because I feared making a mistake and being looked down on.

  • I would never ask for help, despite needing it, through a desperate need to keep up the pretense I was managing….but I wasn’t!

  • I got myself into debt because I wanted people to think I was doing better than I was!


Other people's opinions of me were controlling my life!!... But why?

Well now I understand exactly why and because of that I am finally living life on my terms, which has brought me the happiness I longed for and the peace of mind I was desperate for..... and I want to show you how you can do the same.

In this ‘Coaching to happiness’ free experience you will walk away knowing:

  • Why stress and anxiety do not need to be just ‘managed’….

  • Why would you just manage something that can be cured?!....they can be cured…I am living proof.

  • Why do some people experience high levels of stress, anxiety and worry when others live their lives experiencing peace and happiness?

  • How our behaviours can mask symptoms of anxiety….and what behaviours to look out for.

  • Why we have negative thoughts and what you can do about them to change the way that you feel.


If you want to be free from a life full of stress, worry, anxiety and self-doubt, then join me in this free coaching experience…..

I guarantee you will see yourself in a completely different light.

Once you understand why these things are happening, there will be no stopping you in building that life you deserve and desire….it really is life changing!

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The details of the coaching experience are as follows

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