Anxiety in Children
Mini Course For Parents

Does your child struggle with excessive worries and anxiety? Is it affecting your entire family? As a parent, do you often feel anxious, helpless, or guilty? Have you tried various methods that didn’t bring the desired results?

Introducing our programme designed for parents who want to:


Why choose this programme?

Developed by a highly experienced Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT) with a strong background in education, this programme has consistently delivered outstanding outcomes and proven results. CBT, one of the most extensively researched forms of therapy, has overwhelming evidence supporting its effectiveness in anxiety treatment. In this programme, we share some of the techniques used in therapy sessions!

During our extensive experience in delivering this Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques programme, it has received enthusiastic reviews from both parents and schools. In order to make this valuable resource more accessible to a wider audience, we have now introduced an online version.

What you'll gain from the programme:

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Purchase this programme today and secure lifetime access to a wealth of valuable resources, including an online video presentation and downloadable materials, all for an incredibly affordable price of just £49.95

Don’t let feelings of helplessness or guilt overshadow your parenting journey. Take control, empower yourself, and create a brighter future for your child. Enroll in our programme today and gain the tools to support your anxious child with confidence.

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