About Me

My purpose in life is to empower and assist as many individuals as I can in becoming their own therapists, enabling them to take charge of their mental well-being and find happiness. This includes focusing on educating and inspiring younger generations, as our current educational system lacks sufficient knowledge about the incredible workings of the human mind.

My Story

Like many people, I had a challenging childhood that continued to impact me even as I grew into an adult. Instead of fading into distant memories, my childhood experiences fueled anxiety and worry throughout my life.

I reached a breaking point, exhausted from being trapped in a constant cycle of negativity. Determined to find happiness and improve my mental well-being, I took action. Realising that there were limited support options apart from medication, I empowered myself by educating and guiding myself as my own therapist. I firmly believed that understanding myself would be the key to breaking free from the
emotional turbulence that had consumed me for a long time. During this transformative journey, I discovered Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and everything fell into place, bringing clarity and alignment to my life.

CBT stands out from other methods because it allows you to understand your mind in a way that brings hope and clarity. By unraveling the development of your beliefs, fears, thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, it becomes easier to break free from self-destructive patterns.

My Journey

The success I experienced through CBT techniques inspired me to help others facing similar struggles. I embarked on a journey to become a therapist, eager to guide individuals toward a clearer and more positive state of mind. 

Nevertheless, when I embarked on my therapy journey, a realisation struck me. Mental health therapy was out of reach for those on lengthy waiting lists, unable to afford private sessions, or hindered by overwhelming anxiety when it came to scheduling appointments. I was convinced that a better solution had to exist, one that could reach and support more individuals in becoming their own therapist, just as I had done!

Driven by my own mental health experiences, I am passionately dedicated to helping others. I want to bring about positive change and extend support to those who cannot access traditional therapy.

Driven by this passion and unwavering determination, I took the initiative to create an online Membership. It offers a straightforward and cost-effective way for individuals to access the same knowledge and techniques provided by a qualified therapist, someone who has firsthand life experience as they would get from a therapy session. This hub has already brought about transformative changes in the lives of numerous individuals, and I take immense pride in providing an online platform that empowers people to take charge of their mental health and provides them with the key to their own mind!